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These recipes are made with common ingredients, are from various cultures, and can be made easily.

Bacon Mozza Melt Bun with Mandela Shiraz and Yellow Tail Merlot wine Selection

Crockpot Wedges with Meaty Bacon Bits and Greek Red wine Selection

Gyoza Appetizer with Jacobs Creek Rose wine Selection

Shrimp Tempura Appetizer with Chardonnay wine Selection

Spicy Asian Green Salad with Off-Dry Riesling/Chenin Blanc wine Selection

Angel Food Cake and Fresh Blueberries with Lunenburg Blueberry - Sweet wine Selection

Pastrami Sandwich with Bodacious White Blend - Medium Body White wine

Home Style Burger with Cheese and Meaty Bacon Bits with Red wine Cabernet

Asian Pork Deli Sandwich with Off Dry Gewurz White wine Selection, and Non Alcoholic Beer Selection

Cheesy Pasta Bowl Recipe, with Merlot Wine Selection

Curry Chicken and Rice Dish, with Viognier Wine Selection from Chile

Asian Curry Chicken and Noodles Dish, with Gewurz/Riesling Blend Wine Selection from Australia

Steak Deli Sandwich with Zinfandel Wine selection from USA

Chashu Chicken Salad with White Zinfandel Wine Selection from California

Breaded Chicken Wings and Salad with Two Oceans Pinot Grigio Wine Selection

Burger and Blue Cheese with Sweet Red Wine Selection from Australia

Pan Fried Scallops with Alvarinho White Wine From Portugal

Freshly Sliced Peaches with Sweet Moscato Wine from South Africa

Pesto Pasta with Chardonnay Semillon Wine Selection from Australia

Corn Beef Hash Patties with Vidal Monarch Wine Selection from Canada

Muffin Flans with a White Blend Wine from Hungary

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