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Chenin Blanc Wines

Wine Types

Chenin Blanc is made from white grapes. France has 25,000 acres and Australia, 1500 acres. It is the most planted variety in South Africa. They have 46,000 acres; and in South Africa Chenin Blanc is also known as Steen.

In Australia, it is mostly blended with Chardonnay type wines.Because of it's high acidity, Chenin Blanc is ideal for Sparklings, Still White wines, and Dessert wines.


Like most grapes, Chenin Blanc has many flavours and aromas depending on when the grape is harvested. Riper grapes have flavours of passion fruit and apple, while matured grapes have flavours of pear and peach. The Chenin Blanc from France, Loire Valley region is very flavourful. It has flavours of floral, and honeyed fruit. Chenin Blanc from South Africa has more tropical fruit and pear flavours.

Buying Chenin Blanc

For Sparklings, look for Cremants from Loire Valley region of France. For still wines, look for wines from the Vouvray, Anjou, and Saumur regions of France. They have offdry types and also sweet wines. From South Africa, look for wines labelled as Kleine Zalze, Kwv Vinecrafter, and Leeuwenkuil.

Dry wines can be found in wines labelled as Saumur region(France). Anjou and Vouvray regions(France) make offdry types, Sparklings(Cremants-Loire Valley France), and Deesert wines from Coteaux de Layon(France).

Labelling for Sweet wine can read as; Demi Sec(0.4-1.2 grams per litre), Moulleux -Sweet(1.2-4grams per litre), and Sec(less than 4 grams per litre), and Doux Sweet(4.5 grams or more per litre).

Wine Style

Chenin Blanc's style is typically a Light Body, that is either Dry or Sweet. These styles can include: Minerally type wine- tart pear, ginger, chamomile, quince; Off-Dry type wine- more honeysuckle flavours with ripe pear; Sweet type wines- more residual sugars left in the grapes; and Sparkling type wines- can be Brut(Dry) or Semi Sweet with floral, apple, and quince notes.

Blending Grapes

Chenin Blanc can be blended to make Sparkling and still wines. For Cremants from France, Chenin Blanc is sometimes blended with Chardonnay. In South Africa, Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc are blended to make a zesty type of dry wine.

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Chenin Blanc Wines

Drouet Freres Vouvray
Varietal: Chenin Blanc Style: Vibrant, Medium Dry
Flavours-Aromas: Floral, Honeyed, Quince
Food Pairings: Pate, Shellfish, Cheese
Price: $16 750ml Country: France

Bougrier Vouvray
Varietal: Chenin Blanc Style: Vibrant, Medium Dry
Flavours-Aromas: Honey, Peach, Pear
Food Pairings: Shellfish, Cheese, Mild Curry
Price: $18 750ml Country: France, Loire Valley

Bouvet Brut Sparkling
Varietal: Chenin Blanc Style: Sparkling, Light, Crisp, Dry
Flavours-Aromas: Apple, Honeyed Fruit, Nutty Character, Fruity Finish
Food Pairings: Shellfish
Price: $21 750ml Country: France, Saumur

Fat Bastard Brut Sparkling
Varietal: Chenin Blanc Style: Sparkling, Crisp, Light Body, Medium Dry
Flavours-Aromas: Apple, Citrus, Floral, Medium Dry
Food Pairings: Fresh Cheeses, Shellfish, Apertif
Price: $19 750ml Country: Loire Valley, France

Comte De La Boisserie (Vouvray)
Varietal: Chenin Blanc Style: Vibrant, DemiSec
Flavours-Aromas: Floral, Honeyed Fruit
Food Pairings: Salads
Price: $16 750ml Country: France, Loire Valley
Taste Note: Very Good!

Kwv Vinecrafter
Varietal: Chenin Blanc Style: Vibrant, Medium Dry
Flavours-Aromas: Citrus, Honey, Tropical
Food Pairings: Shellfish
Price: $11 750ml Country: South Africa

Kleine Zalze Select Chenin Blanc
Varietal: Chenin Blanc Style: Rich Body, Dry
Flavours-Aromas: Peach, Tropical, Vanilla
Food Pairings: Shellfish
Price: $20 750ml Country: South Africa

Chateau Fesles Anjou Chenin
Varietal: Chenin Blanc Style: Vibrant, Light Body, Dry(Sec)
Flavours-Aromas: Honey, Orchard Fruit, Quince
Food Pairings: Asian Noodles, Shellfish
Price: $27 750ml Country: France, Loire Valley

Sauvion Cremant De Loire
Varietal: Chenin Blanc Style: Sparkling, Light Body, Crisp, Dry
Flavours-Aromas: Citrus, Peach, Pear
Food Pairings: Seafood, Apertif
Price: $23 750ml Country: France, Loire Valley

In France, Loire Valley; the Chenin Blanc grape is also known as Pineau de la Loire.

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