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Mourvedre Wines

Mourvedre, also known as Damas Noir, Pinot Fleri, Torrentes, Monastrell(Spain).
Mouvedre wine grapes can be found in the wine regions of Spain(150,000 acres), France(2,500 acres), Australia(2,000 acres), and USA(1,000 acres), and South Africa. This grape was originally planted in Spain. They have an intense color and are high in tannins, with a medium to high acidity.

In France, they are planted in the Provence region, where they are planted on plateaus on the steep hillside between mountain and sea. These plateaus are hand made; and the soil is limestone, clay and sand. Dryness of the land is balanced by the yearly rainful and humidity from the sea. Bandol is the most well known appellation; others include Le Castellet, Le Beausset, Sanary.

Wine Types/Style

Many Mourvedre wines are made in a Bold and Dry style, and sometimes Very Dry. This is a late to ripen grape, that can be oaked.

In Spain, it is often blended with Granacha (aka Grenache in other wine regions), and in France, Mourvedre blending grapes may include; Carignon, and Cinsault, Grenache. Blended wines are made in the Provence and Rhone Valley regions of France. In USA, blending grapes - Petit Sirah, Grenache, Zinfandel, are often selected.

A single varietal is made in Spain labelled as Alicante, and in France, look for the label Bandol from the Provence wine region . Even though it is labelled as a single varietal, mostly it is blended. Because the Mourvedre blend is the dominant blend, it is allowed to be called a single varietal.

In France, for Mourvedre from Bandol appellation, the blend percentage can vary, from 50-95%; depending on the winemaker. To find actual blend percentages, the winemakers website should provide this information.

In Australia, Mourvedure is blended with Shiraz, and Grenache, for a red blend wine. Look for these wines from Rutherglen Winery, from Murray River. Flavours and aromas can include berry, cherry, mixed fruit, licorice, and chocolate.

Mourvedre is also used in Rose wines in both France and Spain; usually for adding color to the wine.

A white type is also made in France, although in smaller quantities. Usually Clairette, Bourboulenc, and Ungi Blanc blends. Flavours and aromas can include; white flowers, citrus, exotic flowers, and orchard fruits.

Mourvedre wines pair well with foods like: lamb, stews, roast port, roast beef, grilled beef, casseroles, BBQ, grilled meats, grilled fish.


Blueberry, blackberry, plum, red fruit, black pepper, violet, rose, herb, mineral, spice, vanilla, chocolate, mint, earthy, smoke, and meat are the flavours and aromas unique to this wine.

Aging These Wines

These wines can be aged, usually for 5 - 10 years, and even 25 years for Bandol, and Alicante types. When aged, these wines have exceptional flavours and temperment.

Wine Drinking Temperature

These wines are are best served at close to room temperatures - 62 -68 F.

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Chateau Gourgazaud Minervois
Varietal: Mouvedre Style: Bold Body, Dry
Flavours-Aromas: Blackberry, Earthy, Spice
Food Pairings: Lamb, Stews
Price: $14 750ml Country: France

Luzon Las Hermanas Organic
Varietal: Mouvedre Style: Bold Body, Very Dry
Flavours-Aromas: Mineral, Red Fruit, Smoke
Food Pairings: Roast Beef, Stews
Price: $14 750ml Country: Spain

Protea Rose
Varietal: Mouvedre Style: Light and Fruity
Flavours-Aromas: Plum, Red Fruit, White Flower
Food Pairings: Grilled Fish, Apertif
Price: $16 750ml Country: South Africa

Hammeken Montgo Monastrell
Varietal: Mouvedre Style: Bold, Dry
Flavours-Aromas: Licorice, Spicy, Toasty
Food Pairings: Lamb Chops, Stews
Price: $19 750ml Country: Spain

Castillo De Jumilla Crianza
Varietal: Mouvedre Style: Bold, Dry
Flavours-Aromas: Mineral, Red Fruit, Vanilla
Food Pairings: Casseroles, Stews
Price: $19 750ml Country: Spain

Cline Cellars
Varietal: Mouvedre Style: Bold, Dry
Flavours-Aromas: Cranberry, Floral, Raspberry
Food Pairings: Pork Roast, BBQ
Price: $21 750ml Country: USA, California

Bonhomme El Bonhomme
Varietal: Mouvedre Style: Bold, Dry
Flavours-Aromas: Black Fruit, Mineral, Vanilla
Food Pairings: Grilled Beef, Roast Lamb
Price: $20 750ml Country: Spain

Jumilla Monastrell - Finca Bacara Organic
Varietal: Mouvedre Style: Bold, Dry
Flavours-Aromas: Ripe Blackberry, Chocolate
Food Pairings: Grilled Beef, Roast Lamb
Price: $19 750ml Country: Spain, Jumilla

Domaine De Terrbrune Bandol
Varietal: Mouvedre Style: Bold, Dry
Flavours-Aromas: Black Fruit, Wild Berry, Licorice
Food Pairings: Grilled Meats, Grilled Fish
Price: $38 750ml Country: France, Provence
Purchase Online Customers Only)

Domaine Temprier Bandol Rouge
Varietal: Mouvedre Style: Bold, Dry
Flavours-Aromas: Rose, Strawberry, Citrus, Cherry
Food Pairings: Grilled Meats
Price: $49 750ml Country: France, Provence
Purchase Online Customers Only)

There are about 150,000 vineyard acres of this grape in Spain, and about 25,000 acres in France.

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