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Moscato Wines

Wine Types

The Muscat Blanc A Petits Grains is the most commonly used grape from the Muscat type of grapes for making Moscato wines. It is a white, smaller type of grape which ripens early and is used to produce wines that are Light, Dry, Sweet, as well as Sparklings. It is said to be the oldest grape known, and like many grape varietals, originated in France, Spain, and Italy.


Typically- musky aromas, perfume-like fragrance, citrus tones, ripe peach, sweet honeyed flavour, rich fruit and floral notes are common in moscato wines. Sparkling Moscato wines tend to be more sweet. Moscato wines have some zestiness or spritz in their taste. Although white wine Moscato is not bubbly like sparkling wines, their frizzy texture produces tiny bubbles evident in a poured glass.

Buying Moscato Wines

Moscato wines are available from many countries, and each is unique in taste and zest. Some brands also have a Moscato Rose, and a Sparkling Moscato.

Moscatos can be found in Italy(Moscato), Spain(Moscatel), Australia/USA(Moscato), and Canada/France(Muscat).

Italy and Australia make Sparkling Moscatos. Look for Italy - Moscato D'Asti, and from Australia, Wolf Blass Sparkling Moscato. For Moscato Rose - look for Jacob's Creek Moscato Rose.

Moscato wines have a lower alcohol content than other still wines; usually 6% - 8% is common.

These wines can be found in the Wine By Country Section

Wine Style

Moscato wines are usually light bodied, fruity with medium acidity. Some may be labelled as Vibrant, or Crisp. Sparkling types have more bubblys and are sweeter. Dessert wines made from Moscato are the sweetest types.

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Moscato Wines

Jacobs Creek Moscato
Varietal: Moscato Style: Light Body,
OffDryFlavours-Aromas: Citrus, Floral, Honey
Food Pairings: Desserts, Asian Food, Salads
Sugars: 72g/L
Price: $12 750ml Country: Australia
Taste Note: Good

Jacobs Creek Moscato Rose
Varietal: Moscato Style: Soft, OffDry, Sweet
Flavours-Aromas: Sweet and Fruity, Medium Finish, Candied Fruit Aromas, HoneySuckle and Citrus
Food Pairings: Desserts, Asian Cuisine
Sugars: 72g/L
Price: $14 750ml Country: Australia
Taste Note: Very Good

Yellow Tail Moscato
Varietal: Moscato Style: Light Bodied, OffDry, Sweet
Flavours-Aromas: Floral, White Peach, Honeysuckle, Refreshing Finish
Food Pairings: Asian, Desserts
Sugars: 66g/L
Price: $14 750ml Country: Australia
Taste Note: Good

Wolf Blass Red Label Moscato
Varietal: Moscato Style: Light Body, Crisp, Sweet
Flavours- Aromas: Peach, Fresh Lime, Musk, Crisp Acidity
Food Pairings: Fresh Cheese, Desserts, Asian Cuisine
Price: $14 750ml Country: Australia
Taste Note: Very Good

Mcguigan Expression Moscato
Varietal: Muscat Style: Vibrant, Sweet
Flavours-Aromas: Tropical, Citrus Fruit
Food Pairings: Apertif, Fresh Cheese, Dessert
Price $18 750ml Country: Australia

Wolf Blass Sparkling Moscato
Varietal: Moscato Style: Vibrant, Sparkling, Sweet
Flavours-Aromas: Citrus, Floral
Food Pairings: Custard, Fresh Fruit, Fresh Cheese
Price: $15 750ml Country: Australia

Mia Sparkling Rose
Varietal: Moscatel Style: Vibrant, Sweet
Flavours-Aromas: Floral, Red Fruit, Tropical
Food Pairings: Asian, Shrimp, Apertif
Price: $16 750ml Country: Spain
Tasted Note: Very Good

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