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If you prefer non alcoholic wines, there are quite a few to choose from. Many countries now make non alcoholic wines; and most common are Sparklings, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and some winemakers have non alcoholic red and white blends as well.

There are two distinct types of non alcoholic wines. Some are made just as traditional wine is; with grapes that are fermented to make the wine, then the alcohol is removed from the wine. This process results in a wine with less than 0.5% alcohol remaining in the wine. Legally speaking, (in Canada), any wine with 0.5% or less alcohol content by volume, is considered a non alcoholic wine. Many countries have a similar law.

The second method to make the wine is using just the grape juice but the grapes are not fermented and no alcohol is in the wine. Wine made this way is usually named alcohol free wine, as it contains 0% alcohol.

Many will argue that non alcoholic wine made using the traditional method results in a better tasting wine. Like all things wine, taste is a personal preference.

The benefit of drinking non alcoholic wine for nutrition value is:
Per 8oz class of regular wine calories are 100; non alcoholic wine calories is 50;

Non alcoholic wine is:
Non fat,
Low in sugar,
one half calories of regular wine,

And the
metabolism effect
dehydrating effect, are eliminated.

Wine contains antioxidants, especially red wines, which are good for you.

Buying Non Alcoholic Wines

You can buy these wines in your local grocery stores, and order them online. Although not all stores carry all brands there are usually a a few to choose from.

In Halifax, where I live, I can buy these non alcoholic wines: Carl Jung Sparkling Brut, Carl Jung Red and White Blends, Carl Jung Cabernet Sauvignon, and the brand Vin Zero which has a Chardonnay and a Merlot.

Prices for non alcoholic wines can vary. Sparklings usually cost a tad more than the red or white wines. For Carl Jung brands, prices range from $5.99 to $8.99 for the Sparkling Brut. The Vin Zero Chardonnay and Merlot wines cost $10. Prices online for non alcoholic wines can vary also. In the USA, prices are usually cheaper than Canada.

If you live in Ontario or out western Canada, you may have more choices for non alcoholic wines in your local stores. In the United States, there is a good selection of non alcoholic wines as most liquor agency stores sell them.

How The Alcohol Is Removed

Many wines brands like Ariel, use the fermentation process to make their non alcoholic wines, and then they remove the alcohol after the wine is made. There are a few ways in which the alcohol can be removed and it is the winemakers choice which process to use to remove the alcohol. The oldest used method was by using heat to evaporate the alcohol from the wine.

However, there are newer methods being used which are more effective than the heat removing method. Ariel winery uses a Cold Filtration method to remove its alcohol content after the wine has been made. This method helps to keep the wines flavours and aromas in tact, moreso than the Remove by Heat method. This results in a much better wine flavour and character.

Wine Brands and Flavours

You can browse the various non alcoholic wines by brand name, country of origin, their types of wines with their flavours and aromas.

Ariel Non Alcoholic Wines

Website - Ariel

Ariel wines are the best known non alcoholic wines. They are made in USA, in California. This wine maker won a Gold Medal for his non alcoholic wine at the wine tasting competition in Los Angles in 1986. What's most interesting is that in the wine competition he beat out other wines that contained alcohol. Pretty impressive. Needless to say, that put his wines and winery on the map both in the USA and internationally.

Ariel wines are available throughout the USA, Europe, and can be purchased online for USA customers, and some Canadian websites will ship this wines as well.

Flavours and Aromas for Ariel Non Alcoholic Wines:

Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon - aged for 18 months, blueberry, blackberry, chocolate, pepper.

Ariel Chardonnay - buttery, oak flavours, apple, butterscotch, toasted French oak aromas

Ariel Merlot - aged for 2 years, cherry, raspberry, cassis, chocolate, clove, oak, can age to 7 years

Ariel Brut Cuvee (Sparkling) - chardonnay, citrus fruits, floral, toasted oak aromas

Ariel Zinfandel - light rose in color, strawberry, boyensberry, raspberry

Ariel Blanc - chardonnay style; aromas: floral, lilac, jasmine; flavours; lychee, peach, tad sweet

Ariel Blend (Rouge) - varietals: cabernet sauvignon, merlot, zinfandel; Flavours-aromas; cream, strawberry, plum, good tannins

Fre Non Alcoholic Wines

Website -

Fre non alcoholic wines are also made in the USA, in Napa Valley, California. These wines are also quite popular and are sold in the USA, and available on most USA websites; some Canadian websites sell a few of the FRE non alcoholic wines.

Flavours and Aromas for Fre Non Alcoholic Wines:

Sutter Fre Champagne - Crisp, apple, pear

Sutter Fre Red Blend - Bold, Merlot like wine; Cherry, fruity, tad smoky, pepper, some oak

Sutter Fre Zinfandel - Strawberry, cranberry, fruity, crisp

Carl Jung Non Alcoholic Wines

Website -

Carl Jung non alcoholic wines are available in most grocery stores in eastern Canada, and can be purchased online at several websites. These wines are made in Germany. They have a good selection to choose from. Do try their Sparkling Brut; it is very good.

Flavours and Aromas for Carl Jung Non Alcoholic Wines:

Carl Jung Chardonnay - apple, citrus, light body, light tasting

Carl Jung Cabernet Sauvignon - Red currant, black currant, vanilla, medium body, light tasting

Carl Jung Riesling - green apple, citrus, green berries

Carl Jung Red Blend - raspberry, red currant, medium body, light tasting

Carl Jung White Blend (Blanc) - apple, citrus, light body, light tasting

Carl Jung Merlot - blackberry

Carl Jung Peach Sparkling - peach aromas and flavours, fine bubbles, refreshing bubbly

Carl Jung Sparkling Brut - citrus flavours, crisp, refreshing, lots of bubbly, good finish

Loxton Non Alcoholic Wines

Website -

Loxton non alcoholic wines are made in Australia, and they ship and sell their wines in Canada.

They are sold in Ontario and western Canada at the Super store, however, they are not available in eastern Canada. They can be bought online at the website, which ships within Canada.

Flavours and Aromas for Loxton Non Alcoholic Wines:

Loxton Chardonnay - Semillon Blend - made from Chardonnay and Semillon grapes; dry to medium blend, fruity, good acidity

Loxton Cabernet Sauvignon - made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes; medium blend, fruity with good tannins and acidity

Loxton Moscato - fresh aromatic wine with tad of sweetness; flavours include peach, apple, passion fruit, with some citrus flavour

Loxton Sparkling Brut - a sparkling Champagne with lots of bubbly freshness on the palette

Specific Non Alcoholic Wines by Name

Vin Zero Chardonnay - Aromas: exotic fruits; with a fruity - lemon taste

Vin Zero Merlot - Aromas: Black currant, blackberry, forest fruit, with a blueberry - blackberry taste, tannic finish

Chateau De Fleur Sparkling Champagne - Weibel Vineyard California; Apple, Pear, Sweet, Crisp

St Regis Chardonnay - Apple, Pear, Oak Notes, Crisp, Fruity

Pierre Chavin Zero Blanc - (White Wine) Roussillon France; White Peach, Lychee, Flower

Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc - Germany; Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon varietals; Gooseberry, Tropical, Aromatic

Eisberg Chardonnay - Germany; Green Apple, Fruity, Vanilla

Scholos Chardonnay - Germany; Chardonnay and Semillon varietals; Fruity, Aromatic

Scholos Cabernet Sauvignon - Germany; Fruity, Fresh, Light Tannins

Domaine De Fleur Rose - Germany; Carignan and Syrah varietals; Raspberry, Fruity, Rich

Weinkonig Riesling - Germany; Herbaceous, Dry

Lussory Prem White Blend - Spain; Macabeo and Airen, Apple, Citrus

Morouj Chardonnay - Sweden; Citrus, Vanilla

Le Petit Beret Muscate Doux - France; (Blend) Lychee, Pineapple, Rose, Sweet, Aromatic

Le Petit Beret Muscate Sec - France; (Blend) Pineapple, Rose, Jasmine, Semi Dry, Rich

Websites That Sell-Ship Non Alcoholic Wines

There are also websites that will deliver non alcoholic wine to you:

Here we name some of them by Country:


Total Wine
Will ship to all 50 US states.
Has Brands: Ariel and Fre.

Astor Wines
Will ship within New York City.
Has Brands: Ariel


Premium Near Beer
Will ship anywhere in Canada
Has Brands: Ariel, Fre, min order 3 bottles

Liquor Direct
Ships within Alberta
Has Brands: Ariel, Loxton, min order amount $25

This website will ship within the United Kingdom and Ireland. They have a good selection of European non alcoholic wines including the brands: Scholos(Germany), Domaine De Fleur(USA), Lussory(Spain), Morouj(Sweden), Weinkonig(Germany), Torres Natureo, Le Petit Beret(France).

This website has a good selection of non alcoholic wines from; Australia, USA, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain; including the popular brands - Ariel, Billabong, Chateau de Fleur, Lussory, Natureo. They have good writeups about each of the winemakers.
This website ships within Australia and has popular brands Ariel, Billabong, Chateau De Fleur, Lussory, Natureo.

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