Non Alcoholic Beer Brands


There is Non Alcoholic Beer you can now buy in your local grocery stores and online. Canada, USA, Germany, Holland, all make non alcoholic beer brands. Non alcoholic beer is made similar to non alcoholic wine. First they make the beer in the traditional brewing method, then they remove the alcohol from the beer so that it is 0.5% or less, which classifies it as non alcoholic beer.

And, some beer makers do not use any alcohol when making their non alcoholic beer. Beer made without adding the alcohol in the brewing process; is labelled as 0.0% alcohol free.

On this page you can read about the various non alcoholic beer brands. We also taste tested five of these popular non alcoholic brands; and you can read about our tastings results.

Note: Prices shown are Canadian and can vary by Province and store

Non Alcoholic Beer Brands

By Country:

Budweiser Prohibition - Non Alcoholic Beer - made in Canada, USA
12x355ml $16, 0.0% Alcohol
Ingredients-Flavours-Aromas: Hops, Barley, Malt, Filtered Water

Labatt Blue Pilsner - Non Alcoholic Beer - made in Canada
6x341ml $7, 0.5% Alcohol
Ingredients-Flavours-Aromas: Barley. Malt

Molson Excel - Non Alcoholic Beer - made in Canada
12x355ml $9, 0.5% Alcohol
Ingredients-Flavours-Aromas: Barley, Malt, Hops, Filtered Water

O'Doul's - Non Alcoholic Beer - made in USA
6x341ml $7, 0.5% Alcohol
Ingredients-Flavours-Aromas: Barley, Malt, Hops, Rich: O'Doul's Regular - Smooth; O'Doul's Amber - Flavourful

Bavaria - Alcohol Free Beer - made in Holland
4x330ml $5.40
Two Brands: Wheat 0.0% Alcohol, Regular 0.0% Alcohol

Regular Beer Ingredients: Barley, Wheat, Malt, Hops
Pair With: Young Cheeses, Asian Dishes, Spicy Meat Dishes
Flavours-Aromas: Slightly Sweet, Aromatic and Flavourful

Wheat Beer Ingredients: Wheat Malt, Barley Malt, Acacia Extract
Flavours-Aromas: Exotic Fruit, Spicy, Creamy, Slightly Sweet
Pair With: Appetizers, Spicy n Hot Pizza, Asian Dishes, Salads, Ingredients that are slightly sweet or tad salty like cured meats

Non Alcoholic Beer Brands
Heineken Non Alcoholic Beer - made in Netherlands
6x330ml $12, 0.0% Alcohol
Ingredients-Flavours-Aromas: Malt, Barley, Hops, Fruity, Slighty Malty

Grolsch - Non Alcoholic Beer - made in Netherlands
4x500ml $8, 0.5% Alcohol
Ingredients-Flavours-Aromas: Barley, Malt, Hops

Krombacher - Alkoholfrei - made in Germany,
6x330ml $10, 0.5% Alcohol
Two Beers: Wheat, Regular
Ingredients-Flavours-Aromas: Barley, Hops, Wheat,Malt, Mountain Spring Water

Clausthaler Non Alcoholic Beer - made in Germany
4x330ml $7.50, 0.5% Alcohol
Ingredients-Flavours-Aromas: Wheat, Malt, Hops
Two Beers; Premium (0.5%) and Amber (0.4%)
Rated World's Best Beer

Erdinger - Alkoholfrei, made in Germany
6x330ml $10, 0.5% Alcohol
Ingredients-Flavours-Aromas: Barley, Wheat, Malt, Spring Water
Full bodied, Refreshing, Promoted as Sports Drink, Isotonic
Contains B vitamins and polyphenols

Becks - Non Alcoholic Beer - made in Germany
6x330ml $9, 0.0% Alcohol
Ingredients-Flavours-Aromas: Malt, Barley

Taste Test, 5 Non Alcoholic Beers


We tasted 5 of the mentioned popular non alcoholic beer brands to see if non alcoholic beer was similar in taste to brands with alcohol. And, we wanted to see if non alcoholic beer were similar in taste to each other. What we found was that each brand of beer was actually very different from each other; but almost all beers were very good tasting.

Because of this, we decided to rate the beers into several categories; not just the overall Best Non Alcoholic Beer.

Best Tasting Beer

Clausthaler Non Alcoholic Beer from Germany

Best Traditional Beer Taste

Grolsh Non Alcoholic Beer from Netherlands

Best Aromas in Beer

Clausthaler and Bavaria brands

Best Froth Height in Beer

Grolsch Non Alcoholic Beer
Erdinger Non Alcoholic Beer
Budweiser Non Alcoholic Beer

Best Lingering Froth in Beer

Grolsch Non Alcoholic Beer

Best Refreshing Beer

Erdinger Non Alcoholic Beer from Germany

Best Crisp Tasting Beer

Erdinger Non Alcoholic Beer

Best Light Tasting Beer

Erdinger Non Alcoholic Beer

Most Unique Tasting Beer

Bavaria Non Alcoholic Beer from Holland

Best Priced Beers (Least to Most Expensive)

Grolsch, Budweiser, Erdinger, Bavaria, Clausthaler

We found the European brands to be very good tasting for a non alcoholic beer. Clausthaler was the overall best tasting beer, and has been named the Worlds Best Beer, for two years and counting. Clausthaler has a rich and flavourful taste that does make it distinct from any of the other brands we tasted. And, its aromas were very good also.

Grolsch is definately a beer drinkers beer; with a tall froth from the time its poured which lingers until you take your last sip. Hmmmm Delicious!

If you enjoy a unique tasting and very aromatic beer, then try the Bavaria Non Alcoholic brand. It has a light tasting malty richness.

If you prefer a light tasting beer that is refreshing and with a nice crisp taste on the palette, then Erdinger is the beer to try. The makers of this brand actually promote it as a sports quenching drink (without the alcohol). And, they add B vitamins and polyphenols to the beer to add to its isotonic nature.

Additional Non Alcoholic Beer Brands Tasted

O'Doul's Non Alcoholic Beer, 0.5% Alcohol - O'Doul's has 2 types; a regular "Smooth" non alcoholic beer, and a "Amber" non alcoholic beer. The regular Smooth beer is smooth tasting with a slight crisp taste. Made in the USA.

Heineken Non Alcoholic Beer, 0.0% Alcohol - Made in the Netherlands, Heineken is most similar in taste to its' alcoholic brand of all the beer's we tasted. Refreshing, easy to drink; this beer has a soft malty richness, a light fruity note, and smooth tasting on the palette.

Coors Edge Non Alcoholic Beer - This beer is USA - Canadian made, and is smooth tasting, with a medium froth. On the palette, it has a slight beer taste.

Krombacher Non Alcoholic Beer, 0.5% Alcohol - Krombacher non alcoholic beer is very refreshing, and easy to drink. It is also promoted as a Sports Quenching drink due to its isotonic character. Made in Germany.

Labatt Blue Non Alcoholic Beer, 0.5% Alcohol - This Canadian made beer has a slight beer aroma; is refreshing, slightly crisp tasting on the palette, and has a medium froth when poured.

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