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Many of these wines we have tasted and they are especially good quality-value wines, while others are unique in their taste: flavours, aromas, texture, complexity.

Wines To Try

Except where noted all wines are 750ml
Prices are a guide only and in Canadian dollars. Wines shown first are recently added.

And, browse our recipes added with some of the wines. Just click the Recipe Link to view the recipe details.

Lindemans Shiraz/Cabernet
Body: Bold Sweetness: Dry
Plum, Spicy, Ripe Berry
$21, Red Wine Blend, Price: $21(1500ml), Australia
Food Pairing: Pizza, BBQ
Tasted: Very Good

Gran Sello
Body: Bold Sweetness: Dry
Plum, Toasty, Savoury
$16, Red Wine Blend, Tempranillo-Syrah, Spain
Food Pairing: Roast Beef
Tasted: Excellent

HOYA Cadenas
Body: Smooth Sweetness: Dry
Spice, Vanilla, Dried Fruit
$16, Red Wine, Tempranillo, Spain
Food Pairing: Casseroles, Sausages
Tasted: Very Good

Pelee Monarch Vidal
Body: Crisp Light Sweetness: Medium Dry
Citrus, Crisp, Floral
$12, White Wine, Vidal Blanc, Ontario, Canada
Tasted: Very Good
View Recipe Corn Beef Hash Patties Recipe

Hardys Stamp Chardonnay-Semillon
Body:Rich, Sweetness: Dry
Flavours:Citrus, Peach, Vanilla
$12, White Wine Blend, Australia
Food Pairing: Pesto Pasta
Tasted: Very Good
View Recipe Pesto Pasta Recipe

Revolution White
Body:Crisp and Light, Sweetness: Medium Dry
Flavours: Citrus Fruit, Pear, Tropical
$12, Varietal: Colombard, USA
Food Pairing: Spicy Noodles (Shin, Thai)
Tasted: Very Good

Copper Moon Merlot
Body-Style: Smooth, Dry
Flavours-Aromas: Black Cherry, Plum, Sweet Spice
$12, Merlot, Canada, Ontario
Food Pairings: Cheddar Cheese and Macaroni Bowl
Tasted: Very Good
View Recipe Macaroni and Cheddar Cheese Bowl

Mia Sparkling
Body: Vibrant, Sweetness: Medium
Flavours: Floral, Red Fruit, Tropical
$15, Varietal: Macabeo
Food Pairing: Asian Noodles, Shrimp
Tasted: Very Good
Country: Spain

Baume Rheingau Riesling
Body: Vibrant, Sweetness: Medium Dry
Flavours: Honey, Citrus Fruit, Orchard Fruit
$16, Varietal Riesling, Germany
Food Pairing: Sushi - Dynamite Roll
Tasted: Very Good
View Recipe Dynamite Roll with cooked shrimp

Carta Vieja Chardonnay
Body: Rich, Sweetness: Dry
Flavours: Creamy, Toasty, Tropical
$16, Chardonnay, Chile
Food Pairing: Roast Chicken
Tasted: Very Good

Quinta Lixa Aromas Da Castas
Body: Crisp, Sweetness: Dry
Flavours: Citrus, Mineral, Tropical
$16, Varietal Loureiro/Alvarinho, Portugal
Food Pairing: Pan Fried Scallops
Tasted: Very Good
View Recipe Pan Fried Scallops

JT(Jackson Triggs) Sauvignon Blanc
Body: Crisp Sweetness: Dry
Flavours: Citrus, Gooseberry
$12, Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Food Pairing: Salads, Chicken
Country: Canada
Tasted: Very Good

Two Oceans Moscato
Body: Vibrant Sweetness: Sweet
Flavours: Caramel, Grape, Lychee
$13, Varietal: Moscato
Food Pairing: Fresh Fruit Peaches
Country: South Africa
Tasted: Very Good
View Recipe Fresh Peaches and Two Oceans Moscato Wine

Yellow Tail Sweet Red Roo
Body: Bold Sweetness: Sweet
Flavours: Chocolate, Jammy, Vanilla
$12, Varietal: Red Blend, Australia
Tasted: Very Good
Food Pairing: Home Made Burger with Blue Cheese
View Recipe Blue Cheese Burger

Dancing Bull Zinfandel
Body: Bold Sweetness: Dry
Jammy(Cherry), Spice, Vanilla
$15, Varietal: Zinfandel, USA
Tasted: Very Good
Food Pairing: Pizza, BBQ Cuisine, Steak Sandwich
View Recipe Steak Sandwich with Dancing Bull Zinfandel

ConoSur Viognier
Body: Rich Sweetness: Dry
Peach, Spice, Tropical
$14, Varietal: Viognier, Chile
Tasted: Very Good
Food Pairing: Mild Curry, Shellfish
View Recipe Curry Chicken with White Rice and Peas

Lindemans Semillon/Chardonnay
Body: Light - Crisp
Citrus, Spice, Tropical,
Varietal: White Wine Blend, Chardonnay/Semillon Price: $21 (1500ml)
Country: Australia
Food Pairing: Vegetarian

Yellow Tail Merlot
Body: Smooth Sweetness: Medium Dry
Chocolate, Plum, Spice
$14, Merlot, Australia
View Recipe Bacon Mozzarella Bun
Tasted: Very Good

Mcguigan Black Label Shiraz
Jammy, Ripe Berry, Spice
Award Winner,
$12, Red Wine, Australia
Food Pairing: Pork, BBQ
Tasted: Very Good

Lindemans Bin50 Shiraz
Bold Body
Jammy, Red Fruit, Spice
Award Winner,
$12, Red Wine, Australia
Food Pairing: BBQ, Pulled Pork
Tasted: Very Good

Gallo White Zinfandel
Body: Fruity Light Sweetness: Medium
Flavours: Crisp, Peach, Strawberry
$12, Red Wine, USA, California
Food Pairing: Chicken, Turkey, Pasta Salad
Tasted Note: Excellent

Black Cellars Shiraz Cabernet
Body: Smooth, Sweetness: Dry
Blueberry, Cherry, Spice
$14, Varietal: Shiraz Cabernet
Country: Canada - Ontario
Food Pairing: Pizza, Sausages, Hamburgers
Tasted Note: Very Good

Jacobs Creek Moscato Rose (Moscato Wine)
Body: Light Fruity Sweetness: Medium
Pear, Raspberry, Red Berry
$12.99, Rose Wine, Australia
Food Pairing: Fresh Fruit, Shellfish, Apertif
Tasted Note: Very Good

Les Jamelles Viognier
Body: Rich Sweetness: Dry
Apricot, Floral, Spice
$15, France, Roussillon
Food Pairing: Mild Curry, Shellfish
Tasted Note: Very Good

Rosemount Estate Diamond Label Chardonnay
Body: Rich Sweetness: Dry
Tropical, Toasty, Creamy
Awards Winner
Food Pairing: Grilled Fish, Salmon, Chicken
$15, White Wine, Australia
Tasted Note: Very Good

Yellow Tail Rose (Sparkling Wine)
Body: Light Fruity Sweetness: Medium
Cherry, Sweet Spice, Raspberry
$15, Sparkling Rose Wine, Australia
Food Pairing: Cheese, Fresh Fruit
Tasted Note: Very Good

Yellow Tail Bold Red (Blend)
Bold Body, Sweetness: Dry
Jammy, Raspberry, Spicy
$15, Red Blend Wine, New South Wales, Australia
Food Pairing: Ribs, BBQ Chicken
Tasted Note: Very Good

Beringer Reserve Oaked Chardonnay
Body: Bold Sweetness: Dry
Butter, Toasted, Tropical
$45, White Wine, California USA
Food Pairing: Creamy Pasta
Tasted Note: Excellent

Toro Loco Tempranillo (Rioja Wine)
Body: Smooth Sweetness: Dry
Red Fruit, Jammy, Spice
$11, Red Wine, Spain
Food Pairing: Pork, Sausage, Ham
Tasted Note: Very Good

Clos de Bois Chardonnay
Citrus, Toasted, Pear
$18, White Wine, California USA
Tasted Note: Very Good

Pelee Island Gewurtzraminer
Body: Aromatic Sweetness: Medium Dry
Floral, Peach, Spice
$13, White Wine Varietal: Gewurtzraminer
Ontario Canada
Food Pairing: Smoked Salmon, Asian
Tasted Note: Very Good

Fetzer Gewurtzraminer
Apricot, Honey, Peach
$15, Gerwurz, USA, California
Tasted Note: Very Good

Hardys Stamp Gewurtzraminer / Riesling Blend
Exotic Fruit, Floral, Spice
$12, Gerwurz/Riesling, Australia
Tasted Note: Excellent
View Recipe Asian Curry Noodles

Cliff 79 Cabernet/Shiraz
Body: Bold Sweetness: Dry
Blackcurrant, Mint, Pepper
$12, Red Wine, Australia
Tasted Note: Good

Killermans Run Cabernet
Body: Bold Sweetness: Dry
Cassis, Chocolate, Toasty
$22, Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Country: Australia

La Boissiere Vouvray
Quince, Honey, Floral
Vibrant Body
$16, Varietal: Chenin Blanc, France - Loire Valley(Vouvray)
Tasted Note: Excellent!

Banrock Station Semillon - Chardonnay (Blend)
Citrus, Crisp, Peach
$22, 1500ml, Semillon/Chardonnay,
Country: South Australia

Wines with an Included Flavour of Dried Fruit

Arboleda Carmenere
Dried Fruit, Mocha, Red Fruit
$20, Red Wine, Carmenere, Chile

Hoya De Cadenas Gandia
Spice, Vanilla, Dried Fruit, Smooth, Dry
$16, Red Wine, Tempranillo, Spain
Taste Note: Very Good

Ijalba Solferino
Dried Fruit, Spice, Toasty, Smooth, Dry
$18, Red Wine, Tempranillo, Rioja, Spain

Piqueras Almansa Reserva
Dried Fruit, Earthy, Vanilla
$15, Red Wine, Tempranillo, Rioja, Spain
Taste Note: Very Good

Four Vines Zinfandel
Dried Fruit, Fig, Jammy Bold, Dry
$22 Zinfandel, USA, California

Luis Canas Crianza
Dried Fruit, Red Berry, Vanilla, Smooth, Dry
$25, Red Wine, Tempranillo, Rioja, Spain

Beronia Gran Reserva
Chocolate, Dried Fruit, Spice, Bold, Very Dry
$41, Tempranillo, Rioja, Spain

Dessert Wines (Fortified)

Kwv Classic Cape Pale Dry
Apple, Fresh Bread, Nutty
Rich Body, Medium Dry
$12, Chenin Blanc, Dessert-Fortified, South Africa

Private Stock Tawny
Dried Fruit, Grape, Raisin
Bold Body, Sweet
$10, Red Blend, Dessert-Fortified, Canada, Quebec

Cinnamon, Coffee, Orange
Bold Body, Sweet
$13,Grenache, Dessert-Fortified, France

Hermit Tawny
Dried Fruit, Nutty, Toffee
Bold Body, Sweet
$13, Red Blend, Dessert-Fortified, Canada - Quebec

Dows Late Bottled Vintage
Blackberry, Cherry, Spice
Bold Body, Sweet
$14, Touriga Franca, Dessert-Fortified, Portugal

Dows Fine Ruby Port
Cherry, Chocolate, Raspberry
Bold Body, Sweet
$22, Red Blend, Dessert-Fortified, Portugal

Wolf Blass Red Lbl Tawny
Mocha, Nutty, Raisin
Bold Body, Sweet
$18, Grenache, Dessert-Fortified, Australia, South Australia

Mondavi Napa Moscato D'or
Floral, Lychee, Tropical
Vibrant Body, Sweet
$20, Moscato, Dessert-Fortified, USA - California

Belle Terre Late Harvest Riesling
Apricot, Floral, Pear
Vibrant Body, Sweet
$24, Riesling, Dessert-Fortified, USA - California

Cabral Reserva Especia
Caramel, Dried Fruit, Vanilla
Bold Body, Medium
$20, Touriga Nacional, Dessert-Fortified, Portugal

Grand Pre Pomme D'or (Icewine)
Apple, Apricot, Caramel
Body: Aromatic, Vibrant, Sweet
Varietal: Apple
$24 375ml, Country: Canada Nova Scotia

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Buying Wines:
All wines are not available in all stores; you can check your local online liquor store website for a particular wine. Usually, larger stores carry more wine brands than smaller stores. In Canada, each province has its own liquor board, usually all differently named; Examples:

Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Liquor Commission, NSLC, website,

Ontario, Ontario Liquor Control Board, LCBO, website,

British Columbia, British Columbia Liquor Distribution, website BC Liquor

Most Canadian provinces have some privately owned liquor agency stores, acting on behalf of the liquor board for its province; licensed to sell liquor to the public. Usually these are in rural and remote areas of a province, except for the province of Alberta which has mostly privately owned agency liquor stores.

In USA, many states have agency liquor stores, and many shopping stores, large and small, also sell liquor products. In the United States, consumers can buy liquor online and have it shipped to them. Websites like, have large wine inventories.

In Canada, online wine purchasing is only available with Province to Province Liquor websites, and, they only ship or have pickup within their own province. The exception to this is Canadian Made Wines, which can be purchased online and shipped anywhere in Canada; at this website -

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